The web page of Greg Banks.

I have been a Linux kernel engineer specialising in NFS and networking, and have worked on the Cyrus IMAP server.
Now I work on a cloud storage client for some user-space storage software.

Pirates of the Yarribean, Copyright (c) 2010 Donald Douwsma

A couple of years ago I wrote a tool called novaprova. It's got some truly cunning tricks in it, like a process that Valgrinds itself, and implements dynamic function mocking by inserting breakpoints into itself. I'm proud of it. I spoke about it in 2013.

About the same time I wrote a tool called Plumber. It detects memory leaks in C programs...programs you started weeks ago and cannot stop.

Back around the dot-com bust I wrote a tool called ggcov, which is still useful. It provides a graphical source code browser for test coverage data, amongst other features. It's distributed in Debian and Ubuntu. I spoke about it in 2006.